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Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone Vol. 1:                Easter and Animal Songs                                           Michael Brent Publications  (CD)

Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone Vol. 2:                Valentine's Day and Spring Songs    

Michael Brent Publications (CD)


Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone Vol. 3:                Columbus Day and Halloween Songs                         Michael Brent Publications  (CD)

Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone Vol. 4:                Thanksgiving and Christmas Songs                           Michael Brent Publications  (CD)

Whale Watching                                              Ruth Roberts (CD)



Did You Ever See A Snowflake                      Ruth Roberts  (CD)                                                                          

Don't Be A Litter Bug                                    Ruth Roberts (CD)                                                                           

Fields of my Father, The                                Ruth Roberts (CD)


Spider Soup                                                Ruth Roberts (CD)


Thanksgiving Football Game                        Ruth Roberts (CD)



Dr. Pet, the Animal Vet                                    Ruth Roberts (CD)



Big Animals                                                      Ruth Roberts  (CD)                                                                          

Learning the Presidents Song                       Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                                                  Stripes of Red for Bravery                            Ruth Roberts (CD)


Cactus Christmas Tree, The                                  The McGuire Sisters/Ruth Roberts (CD)   

Christmas is Music                                                Ruth Roberts  (Cass, CD)                                                                 

Littlest Pumpkin in the Pumpkin

Patch, The                    

Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)

Mi Casa, Su Casa                                                  Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)

Six Little Snowflakes                                            Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Day Before Christmas, The                                 Ruth Roberts (CD)

Holiday Alphabet                                               Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                  


See You At The Fair                                              Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



Flowers That Bloom in the Spring, The              Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                  

Just Say No                                                          Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


April Fool's Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone          Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



Betsy Ross and the First American Flag                        Ruth Roberts  (Cass, CD)                                                                 


Story of Jazz, The                                                          Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



Eagle and the Turkey, The                                            Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                  


Holiday in Hawaii                                                          Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Patrick Muldoon and His Magic Balloon                        Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)



A-Haunting We Will Go                                                Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                  

Toyland Christmas Train, The                                      Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



Animals, Animals                                                          Ruth Roberts  (Cass, CD)                                                                 

Princess and the Frog, The                                            Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)

Last of the Litterbugs, The                                              Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Ring out the Old Year, Ring in the New                          Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Tortoise and the Hare, The                                              Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



First Snow Ball of the Season, The                                  Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                  

Great Scott!  It's Ragtime!                                              Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Little Train                                                                      Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Marshmallow Bunny, The                                                Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Parade of the Easter Bunnies, The                                Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Two Good Friends on the Merry-Go-Round                    Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


What's My Vegetable                                                  Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)

Be Kind to Each Other                                      Ruth Roberts  (Cass, CD)                                                                 

First Thanksgiving, The                                    Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                 

Hooray for Santa                                              Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                 

It's Christmas Time                                          Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                  

Santa and the Three Scrooges                          Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


S-A-N-T-A  C-L-A-U-S                                    Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Winter Holiday                                                  Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



I Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.                Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                  


Circus Alphabet                                               Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                  

Howdy Neighbor                                               Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Alexander Graham Bell (Teacher of the Deaf)                  

Ruth Roberts  (LP, Cass, CD)                                               



Easter Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone                       

Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


St. Patrick's Day Songs That Tickle Your

Funny Bone     

Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



Sis! Boom Bah!                                                                      

Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Valentine Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone                  

Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



Down the Holiday Trail                                                        

Ruth Roberts  (Cass, CD)                                                                 



Columbus Day Songs That Tickle Your

Funny Bone      

Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



Pinocchio, Don't Smoke that Cigarette                                

Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



All Aboard the Christmas Train                                          

Ruth Roberts  (Cass, CD)                                                                 


Meet the Mets                                                                       

Glenn Osser and Orchestra with Chorus  (7", CD, EP)                




Are You For Independence                                                  

Ruth Roberts  (LP, Cass, CD)                                                                       

Goin' West                                                                              

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)                                                                                   

Inventor's Song, The                                                            

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)

Our Country 'Tis of Thee                                                     

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)


That's What It Means To Be Free                                      

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)



Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts                               

Ruth Roberts (LP, CD)                                                         


Legend of the Twelve Moons                                               

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)



Tall Tom Jefferson                                                                

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)



Benny Bunny's Band                                                                     Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)                                                                       

Christmas Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone                 

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)


In the Little Red Schoolhouse                                              

Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)                                                                  

Santa's Comin' Down the Chimney                                     

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)



Elephants Clowns and Circus Sounds                                

Ruth Roberts and Bill Katz   (LP, Cass, CD)                                   


Halloween Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone               

Ruth Roberts, Gene Piller, Bill Katz                                                

(LP, Cass, CD)


Brave and the Bold, The                                                       

Ruth Roberts  (LP, Cass, CD)                                                                       


What Shall We Do For A Christmas Play This Year         

Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)



Thanksgiving Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone           

Ruth Roberts, Gene Piller, Bill Katz   (LP, Cass, CD)                                 



Three O'Clock Rehearsal of the Christmas

Musicale, The            

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)

Three O'Clock Rehearsal of Combined Band

and Chorus For The Very Merry Christmas


Ruth Roberts  (LP, Cass, CD)


Animal Songs that Tickle Your Funny Bone                  

Ruth Roberts , Bill Katz (LP, Cass, CD)                                                       


1890 Music Hall Review, The                                              

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)                                                                       


Little Lost Christmas Harmony                                            

Ruth Roberts (Cass, CD)


Spring Songs That Tickle

Your Funny Bone                       

Ruth Roberts (LP, Cass, CD)

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Did You Ever See A Snowflake COVER_edite
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Stripes of Red for Bravery COVER.jpg
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I Remember Martin Luther King, Jr._edite
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The Eagle and the Turkey COVER.jpg
Patrick Muldoon COVER.jpg
The Princess and the Frog COVER.jpg
The Cactus Christmas Tree COVER.jpg
Littlest Pumpkin iTunes Cover FINAL.jpg
Six Little Snowflakes.jpg
Holiday Alphabet Cover.jpg
The 1890 Music Hall Revue.jpg
Easter Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone
Sis Boom Bah! COVER.jpg
Valentine Songs that Tickle Your Funny B
Columbus Day Songs.jpg
Pinocchio, Don't Smoke That Cigarette CO
The First Thanksgiving COVER.jpg
Be Kind to Each Other COVER.jpg
Thanksgiving Funny Bones iTunes Cover FI
The Three O'Clock Rehearsal COVER_edited
Christmas Song That Tickle Your Funny Bo
Elephants, Clowns, and Circus Sounds.jpg
Halloween Songs Funny Bone iTunes Cover
Our Country 'Tis of Thee COVER.jpg
Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts.jpg
The Legend of the Twelve Moons COVER_edi
Tall Tom Jefferson iTunes Art FINAL.jpg
Benny Bunny Album Art.jpg



A Boy Named Jimmy Dean

            Dick Jacobs and His Chorus



All in a Night's Work

            Stefano Bollani, Ares Tavolazzi

            Dean Martin

            Sandra Piller

            The Rat Pack



An Irishman is Shy

            Carmel Quinn


And I Still Love You

            Coleman Hawkins


Baby Clementine

            The Mills Brothers

Blue Dancing Shoes

            Eddie Habat and His Orchestra

            Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians


Blue Mountain Bluebird

            The Lang Sisters



Blue Piano

            Freda Payne

            Sandra Piller

            Shirley Scott Trio

            McCoy Tyner Featuring David Murray/

Arthur Blythe/Ron Carter/Aaron Scott


Boy From New Orleans, The

            Louis Armstrong

            Beryl Bryden and the Piccadilly Six

            Rod Mason and Beryl Bryden

Cactus Christmas Tree, The

            The McGuire Sisters


Cat An' Mouse

            The Three Kittens

Champagne Music

            Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music

Christmas Moon

            Jackie Gleason

            Sandra Piller



Come Hell or High Water

            Vic Damone


C'mon Baby (What's Your Name)

            Jimmy Williams

Dark Eyes and Pink Champagne

            Sandra Piller

            Lawrence Welk



Do You Remember When?

            The McGuire Sisters


Door is Always Open, The

            Jesse Belvin Con Orquesta

Shorty Rogers & Coro

Don't Love Me

            Coleman Hawkins Quartet


Duke's Place

            Ray Anthony 

            Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington    

            Duke Ellington and His Orchestra

            Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald

            Ella Fitzgerald

            Little Gerhard

            Paul Gonsalves

            John Hicks, Cecil McBree, Elvin Jones -

                Power Trio

            Le Grand Orchestre Du Splendid

            Henry Mancini and His Orchestra

            Moore by Four

            George Mraz Trio

            David Murray Quartet

            Oliver Nelson

            Sandra Piller

            Joya Sherrill

            Lonnie Liston Smith

            Leon Thomas

            Shelly Torres

            McCoy Tyner

            Toots Thielemans



Duke's Place (C Jam Blues)

            Ella Fitzgerald

            The Great Jazz Trio with the Strings Quartet



Eager Beaver Baby

            Johnny Burnette

            David Payne

            Deja Voodoo



Elvis Presley for President

            Lou Monte


            The Honey Bees

            The McGuire Sisters

            Sandra Piller

Fair Weather Sweetheart

            Teresa Brewer

            Sandra Piller (with Charlie Harrison)

First Thing Ev'ry Morning, The

            A.G. & Kate

            Dorothy Baker

            Jimmy Dean

            Warner Mack

            Dean Martin

            Jerry Vale

            Sarah Vaughn


(Get On) The Heavenly Road

            Martha Carson

Golden Rule of Love

            The McGuire Sisters

Gypsy Trail, The

            Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra

Haley A Go Go

            Bill Haley



Happy New Year

            The McGuire Sisters

Harvest of Sunshine

            Jimmy Dean

High on the House Top

            Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music

Hillside in Scotland

            Kathie Kay

            Debbie Reynolds

His Ring

            Ann Margaret

House of Horrors

            Merv Griffin with the

Sid Bass Orchestra and Chorus

I Got Your Word (You Got Mine)

            Jimmy Dean

I Love Mickey

            Teresa Brewer & The Voice of Mickey Mantle

I Love To Play the Glockenspiel

            Georgie's Tavern Band

If I Had You on a Desert Island

            Arthur Godrey

            Larry Green and His Orchestra

If I Were A Train

            Teresa Brewer

If Love Is

            The Echoes

I'll Be Glad To Help You Out

            Charlie Louvin

It's Time

            Freda Payne

Jimmy Unknown

           Doris Day with Frank DeVol and His Orchestra  

Nita, Rita and Ruby

            Lita Roza with Bob Sharples and His Music

            Billy Thorburn & His Music

Jolly Jolly Jingle

            Blue Barron and His Orchestra

            Vera Lynn


Paul Whiteman and

His New Palais Royale Orchestra

Just Young

Paul Anka

King Size Love

            Toni Arden


Later Baby Later

            Sam Butera

            Bill Doggett and His Combo


Lula Rock-A-Hula

            Teresa Brewer

            Joan Savage with Geoff Love and His Orchestra

Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues

            The Beatles

            Buddy Holly & The Crickets

            Wes McGhee

            Oliver Edward Nelson



            The TM Collective

            The Winkies

Mama Doll

            Linda Hopkins

March of the Christmas Toys

            Jose Ferrer

Meet the Mets

            Glen Osser and Orchestra with Chorus

            Yo La Tengo


Mein Herz Traumt Oft (Tunnel of Love)

            Anita Wilson


Memory, The

            The Ronettes

Merry-Go-Rounds of Rome, The

            The Four Esquires

Moment in Madrid

            Bing Crosby




            The McGuire Sisters



Mr. Touchdown, U.S.A.

            Percy Faith and His Orchestra and Chorus

            Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra and Chorus

            University of Michigan Band

Naughty 90's

            Teresa Brewer

Older and Wiser

            Teresa Brewer

Our Country 'Tis of Thee

            Arthur Godfrey with the

Richard Wolfe Children's Chorus

            John Lewis Junior High School

            The Peter Pan Children's Chorus

Our Turn

            Dale Hawkins



Out of a Clear Blue Sky

            Petula Clark

Charlie Kunz



Political Pete

            Jimmy Blaine & Buddy Weed



Run Away, Skidaddle Skidoo

            Doris Day with Frank de Vol and His Orchestra



Same Old You, The

            Patti Page



Sunshine Bird, The

            Wilf Carter (Montana Slim)


There's a Red Hot Fire

in the Old Locomotive

            Louis Innis

There's Nothin' as Lonesome

as a Saturday Night

            Teresa Brewer

This is a Wife?

            Homer and Jethro


            Big Maybelle

            Linda Hopkins

What is a Wife? / What is a Husband?

            Steve Allen / Jayne Meadows



What Time Does the Sun Go Down

            Lonnie Sattin



Where Do I Stand

            Margaret Whiting


While There's Time

            June Valli



William the Conqueror

            Hap Dunne

Yo-Yo Baby

            Jimmy Cavello

and His House Rockers

            Shirley Jackson 

and Her Good Rockin' Daddy's

Freda Payne

The Mills Brothers



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